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Classic Search is streamlined for business searches where criteria excludes biographical information on executives and directors.

Our Classic is offered in both Quick and Advanced forms. Generally, the "Quick" searches have been designed to handle most search needs in a very user-friendly manner, while the "Advanced" searches accommodate less typical searches.

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Quick Search

The Quick Search has been implemented as a form-based interface and all you need to do to use it is enter a value into as many of the seven search criteria fields as needed. You must enter a value into at least one field before the search will execute. All of the search fields are joined together by the ‘AND’ operator, which means that all of the search criteria entered have to be contained in each record returned.

e.g., Company name = ‘PepsiCo’ AND City = ‘Somers’ AND State = ‘NY’ If your search returns no records, please consider reducing the number of search fields used. Using the example above, if PepsiCo is in New York but not in Somers, no records will be returned. An important rule of thumb is that using a lesser number of search fields will almost always return more records.

For more information, please review our tips for using our searches.

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Advanced Search

The key differences between the Quick Search and the Advanced Search interfaces is that the Advanced Search allows you the ability to search on any four of the 23 available search fields (Company Name, Outside Service Firm Name, Outside Service Firm Type, Personal Name, Title/Responsibility, City,State, Zip (if in USA), Country, Product/Brand Name Area Code, Parent Country, Parent State, # of Employees, Sales/Billing, Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange, SIC Code, SIC Keyword, Year Founded, Keyword). You can also use ‘AND’, ‘OR’, or ‘NOT’ between your search criteria.

You only have to enter a value into one search criteria field for the search to execute. If needed, you can select the same search field with different criteria values.

e.g., State = ‘NY’ OR State = ‘NJ’ OR State = ‘PA’ will return records for all companies in either New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

If your search results look skewed, please examine the operators that you have used between fields.

e.g., State = ‘NY’ AND Company name = ‘PepsiCo’ OR State = ‘NJ’ will return records for all PepsiCo locations in New York and all companies [not just PepsiCo] in New Jersey.

You can use the Keyword search field to search across the entire database.

e.g., Keyword = ‘Apple’ will return records of companies where ‘Apple’ is in the company name, product/brand name or city name [e.g., Apple, Ohio]

Please note that selection of State, Country, Outside Service Firm Type, Function/Responsibility, Parent Country, Parent State and Stock Exchange will cause the screen to quickly redraw, providing a hyperlink that, when clicked, will popup a window with available search criteria values.

For more information, please review our tips for using our searches.

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Tips for Using Our Searches

None of the search fields are case sensitive and all of the fields have been implemented so that punctuation between phrase terms is not required.

e.g., Company name = ‘georgia’ will return both ‘Georgia-Pacific’ and ‘Georgia Power Co.’

In any of the search criteria fields in which you can directly type a search criteria value [Note: this excludes those search fields where values are entered through a dropdown or popup window], you can use the OR operators within each of these fields to further refine your search.

e.g., Company name = ‘IBM’ or ‘Microsoft’ will return records for both IBM and Microsoft
e.g., City = ‘New York’ or ‘Stamford’ will return records for all companies within the database located in either Stamford or New York

Additionally, the search criteria fields in which you can directly type a search criteria value also support the use of wildcards. The wildcard character is symbolized by the ‘*’ character and can be used either at the beginning, middle or at the end of a word.

e.g., Company name = ‘Pepsi’ will not return the record where company name = ‘PepsiCo’; you would need to search company name = ‘Pepsi*’
e.g., Product/brand name = ‘*apple*’ will return ‘Apple Computers’, 'Red Apple Restaurant’ and ‘Ocean Spray Cranapple’

For advanced users, you can also use the ‘!’ character within any of the search criteria fields in which you can directly enter a value. The ‘!’ character must be entered in front of a search criteria term and it will find words similar to the entered criteria term.

e.g., Company name = ‘!Pepsi’ will return records where company name is ‘PepsiCo’, ‘PepsiCo International’ and ‘Pepsi Bottling Group’
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Track Searches by Project

On every search form, we include a “Project ID” field, which is never required and is intended for your benefit only, typically as a billing reference. It will be included in any search activity summary you request. To obtain a monthly search activity summary, please email a request to corporateaffiliations@lexisnexis.com.

You can enter a Project ID before submitting any new search. Whenever you enter a Project ID, it is also displayed as the default for subsequent searches. To change the Project ID, modify the form value before you submit a new search. You can also reset the Project ID (to nothing) if you delete the form value before submitting a new search.

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Send Us Your Feedback

If you have a question or problem that requires immediate assistance, please contact our Technical Support department at 1-800-543-6862 (press 4), between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST, or email them at corporateaffiliations@lexisnexis.com. If immediate assistance is not needed, see Feedback directly below.

Feedback on the search interface and its ease of use is extremely welcome. If you would like someone to contact you, please open our Feedback form and indicate this using the Please Contact dropdown on the Feedback form and someone will be in contact with you within two business days.

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